Nuestro equipo médico

Our team


We are medical professionals of recognized standing in our sector. We offer a wide range of services supported by a team characterised by its warm treatment and its spirit of service.

We will be happy to show you all the possiblilities and options that are available to you, we are convinced that you will find the sanitary transport solution you are looking for. The main goal of our company is to satisfy all the needs of our clients.


We have a team with extensive experience and a high degree of training not only in sanitary transfers but in the field of emergencies at the world’s most prestigious health and emergency centres.


Our team  will make throughout preparation for transport logistics and repatriation with a specialist in the pathophisiology of air and ground medical transport, who will make a careful assessment and monitoring of the patient’s clinical condition.


Our medical and operations team will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to not only advise which is the best clinical treatment of a transfer, but also the best economic option involving significant savings to the customer.